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Sterling Sunset Pillowtop Tubebed Softside Waterbed Set


Sale Price: $1,999.99
List Price: $3,699.00
You Save: $1,699.01

Sterling Sunset Pillowtop Tubed Softside Waterbed is available with your choice of waveless tubes or all water tubes.










Sterling Sunset Pillowtop Tubebed Softside Waterbed

 Build Your Own Custom Softside Waterbed


 Why does the top zip on? – this is the cornerstone of our sustainable bed design.

With our interchangeable zip-on cover systems it is possible to extend the comfortable life of your bed up to 3X simply by replacement.

Sterling Sunset Tubebed Pillowtop Softside Waterbed

It is displayed with a matching Foundation. You must add a foundation for a complete bed—foundations available in 9", 8", and 4" heights.

Premium Waveless Tubes

 Sterling Premium Waveless Tube

Premium Free Flow Tubes

Sterling Premium Freeflow Tube

3.50'' Shallow-Fill  Pillowtop Softside

NEW COVER Sunset Geneva

New Sunset Pillowtop Cover Geneva-Quilt

Sterling Sunset Pillowtop Shallow-Fill 3.50'' Softside Waterbed.

New Cover Top Panel features Aloe Vera treated, stretch ticking, Tack & Jump quilting. Quilted Geneva

The Sunset Pillowtop is completely assembled all you have to do is lay your tubes out and install a heater.

The Sunset Pillowtop comes with Premium Free Flow tubes if you desire your bed to be a little firmer step up to the waveless tubes.

Enjoy plush comfort that zips on in seconds and contours to your body all night without reducing the support of your underlying mattress.

What it will reduce is the wave activity from the water bladder so that you can enjoy a restful sleep without disruption to you or your partner.

Swap your topper to renew your mattress over the years or upgrade to a Euro topper to enjoy even greater comfort.




  Vinyl Specification 24 Mil Endura3 is formulated with the finest resins available and is engineered to be the best material possible, making for a durable, long-lasting, high-quality waterbed.

Cal King Tubes or 77'' Long 9 per bed.

Eastern King Tubes or 73'' Long 9 per bed.

Queen Tubes or 73'' Long 7 per bed.

Full or 69'' Long 6 per bed.

Twin or 69'' Long 4 per bed.


The Sunset Pillowtop Shallow-Fill Softside Waterbed is our premium mattress topper. It zips on in just seconds and transforms your mattress into the ultimate sleep system: a plush, contouring comfort layer on top and a supportive softside waterbed below.

Plush Comfort
The Plush Mattress Topper adds a cloud-like layer to enhance the comfort of your waterbed without changing the level of support.

•    Four Foam Rails
•    Safety Liner
•    Wave Control
•    Cover System

Wave Reducing
Not happy with the motion level of your bed? Zip on a plush topper (or another topper) and instantly reduce motion transference.
Extend the life of your waterbed indefinitely with a topper that can be zipped on, replaced, and upgraded, each in just seconds.
Wave Control
By absorbing motion transfer, the Pillowtop also helps eliminate unwanted wave activity from your softside waterbed mattress below.



No Hassle, All-Inclusive Prices include all the components you need for your Complete Softside Waterbed. You don't have to add Foundations or heaters or even the metal frame because the price includes it all. Even Free Shipping!





Waterbed Heater Calesco   Backer Calesco logo

Waterbed Heater, 6" Mid Fill & Tubes: Solid-State 170Watt, not for deep fill waterbeds   Backer Calesco Waterbed Heater

Dual waterbed bladder?  Buy two waterbed heaters (to heat both sides).

Backer Calesco Heating Technologies heaters are covered by a 5-year limited, warranty to the original purchaser against product failure due to defects that are the result of labor or material. Damage that is the result of improper installation or customer abuse is not covered. The warranty covers product replacement only and is exclusive of freight charges or subsequent damage. The factory reserves the right to inspect the product before making the final determination.


3 Foundations heights to choose from

They are designed to support the weight of a waterbed system, by offering this type of foundation we are able to properly support our mattresses, to ensure they give you the support you need, and the best night's sleep possible.
Mattress support is only as good as the platform it is sitting on.

Sizes: King 76 x 80 | Cal King 72 x 84 | Queen 60 x 80 | Full 54 x 75 | Twin 39 x 75

•  9" Mattress Foundation
•  8" Mattress Foundation
•  4" Mattress Foundation

Sterling Waterbed 9 Inch Foundation Sterling Waterbed 8 Inch Foundation Sterling Waterbed 4 Inch Foundation

Glideaway Heavy Duty 9-Leg Waterbed Bed Frame 7'' Tall

Heavy Duty 9-legged Metal Bed Frame for King, Queen with Headboard Brackets Full have 7 legs, and the twin has 6 legs.
This frame is to be used with King - Queen - Full - Twin size softside waterbeds automatically without measuring or mistakes and no tools are required for assembly. Includes adjustable glides that allow the bed to sit firmly on the floor.

9 Leg Bed Frame

Shipping Notes:

Softside Waterbeds orders will transport from the warehouse center within 3-5 workdays (excluding weekends and holidays) and are shipped via a freight carrier which can take 3-10 days depending on the delivery location. Delivery is by appointment. The carrier will reach you prior to arrival to make arrangements with you for your delivery. Softside Waterbeds will ship “curbside” which means the trucking company will deliver to the curb and the customer will be responsible for moving the products into his/her residence once the truck arrives at the delivery destination. Curbside delivery is the standard across the furniture industry given the immense cost of shipping heavy and oversized products. We offer this service free to our customers.

Waterbed Treatment Supplies

Water Conditioner Tablets (for Shallow Fill Waterbeds) R111 Conditioner Tablets

Suitable for:  shallow fill waterbed bladders (3.5"), 5590 Free Flow Tube, 5591 Waveless Individual Tube
These conditioner tablets help keep the mattress water fresh and clean, remove gases from the water and protect the vinyl, fiber, and foam.

8 oz. Water Conditioner- 2-Pack R55 8 oz Water Conditioner
This Sterling exclusive product conditions and treats the vinyl and fiber inside of your waterbed. It reduces the build-up of air in your waterbed over time, and conditions waterbed vinyl, fiber, and foam. Designed by the same chemists that created Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner, it has been designed to exceed the performance of both Blue Magic and Sapphire Collection Water conditioners.

Fill Drain Kit R103 Fill Drain Kit Fill Drain Kit

Sterling Waterbed Fill and Drain Kit contain the adapters needed to fill and drain your waterbed.  Connect your hose to a bathroom sink with the faucet adapter, and connect the hose adapter to the mattress fill valve.  The Fill and Drain Kit is water-powered (the "Venturi Pump").
Have a waterbed heater? Be certain to unplug the element when filling and draining.
Note: the Waterbed Fill and Drain Kit do not contain a water conditioner.

Patch Kit R109 Patch Kit
Super holding, fast-acting.  That's what you need to make mattress repairs quickly and easily. The vinyl adhesive repair kit contains a 1 oz. tube of adhesive and patch material that measures 6" by 3". 

Sterling Waterbed Vinyl Cleaner, 8 oz  RVC Vinyl Cleaner
Sterling Waterbed Vinyl Cleaner is specially formulated to clean, protect and preserve your vinyl.  Used regularly, it conditions vinyl and surface, prevents oxidation and drying, brittleness, and cracking. It removes dirt, dust, and most types of stains.

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