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Covington Eco Friendly Latex or Memory Foam Mattress your choice same PRICE ON SALE NOW.




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We also have a complete line of Latex Pillows.




Types Of Latex Mattresses
A latex mattress can be sub-divided into two types - Dunlop latex mattress and Talalay latex mattress. In the former type, rubber is whipped in its liquid form and mixed with air. After that, it is poured into a mold, after which the mattress takes shape. In the latter bed, almost the same method as the Dunlop mattress is used. However, in the Talalay mattress, the use of core pins, for curing the rubber, also takes place. This additional method produces a much more superior quality mattress. This explains the reason why the Talalay latex mattress is more expensive than the Dunlop one.

Benefits Of Latex MattressThe primary and the most significant advantage of latex mattresses is that they are comfortable. If you want to have a good night's sleep, this mattress will serve your needs perfectly. Amongst the countless benefits of latex mattresses is their durability. When compared to the conventional spring mattresses, such mattresses last for a longer time, at times even as much as thirty years. Another amazing benefit of the mattress is that, in most cases, it comes with a warranty ranging in and around the twenty-year mark, which is quite impressive. Latex mattresses are virtually dust mite resistant and possess great anti-microbial properties. This makes them perfect for those who suffer from dust allergies. The mattress has a great ventilation property, which makes it one of the best choices for those who suffer from asthma. These days, even organic latex mattresses are found in the market. So, for all the environment-friendly people out there, this mattress will prove to be a perfect choice. The latex foam mattress has the ability to conform to your body's curves, allowing the weight to be evenly distributed and thus, eliminating the existence of pressure points while you sleep soundly. A latex mattress has the capability to support any sleeping position, guarantying the owner a restful night's sleep. Latex mattresses are free of odors and environmentally safe. These are also breathable, which prevents body heat and moisture from proving to be discomfort while sleeping.

We use Bamboo Mattress Ticking

bamboo-logo bamboo-ticking
Mattress ticking that is naturally anti-fungal helps to prevent health problems. It's good news for people with allergies. One of Bamboo's main benefits is its inherent anti-bacterial properties. It is well known that Bamboo flourishes in nature without the help of pesticides or chemicals.
More Comfort, Better Sleep
It has a high level of hygroscopicity and excellent permeability. Thanks to its unique properties, Bamboo keeps us cool in the summer and snug in the winter.
Ecological Product
Mattress ticking is 100% biological, and its production process is free from substances that could damage the environment.
Fresh Fragrance
Mattress ticking improves sleep comfort with anti-odor properties that remain effective for the whole lifespan of the mattress.
A side effect of well being
Interestingly too is that bamboo yarn generates minus ions. These can have an extremely positive effect on our blood circulation. We all know that optimum circulation greatly improves our quality of life and feeling of well-being, relieves fatigue, and stimulates metabolism.








In the wilderness, the tree can reach a height of up to 144 feet (44 m). The white or yellow latex occurs in latex vessels the, mostly outside the. These vessels spiral up the tree in a right-handed which forms an of about 30 degrees with the horizontal and can grow as high as 45 ft. In plantations, the trees are kept smaller, up to 78 feet (24 m) tall, so as to use most of the available for latex production. The tree requires a climate with heavy rainfall and without frost. If frost does occur, the results can be disastrous for production. One frost can cause the rubber from an entire plantation to become brittle and break once it has been refined. Ruber TapingOnce the trees are 5–6 years old, harvesting can begin: incisions are made orthogonally to the latex vessels, just deep enough to tap the vessels without harming the tree's growth, and the sap is collected in small buckets. This process is known as. Older trees yield more latex. We use the "Dunlop" process, with only Sri Lankan high Quality "Natural Latex".

Value of Natural Latex

Each rubber tree weeps 15 grams of latex, daily. A Queen size Core needs the daily output of 2500 trees , spread over 12 acres of rubber plantation, providing a living to eight rubber tappers . Interestingly , these rubber trees accounts for the removal of 143 metric tons of Carbon Di Oxide from the environment in 1 year .This is the genuine contribution to the environment of Latex Green .

Each rubber tree weeps 15 grams of latex ,daily. A Queen size Core needs the daily output of 2500 trees, spread over 12 acres of rubber plantation , providing a living to eight rubber tappers.  Interestingly , these rubber trees accounts for the removal of 143 metric tons of Carbon Di Oxide from the environment in 1 year. This is the genuine contribution to the environment of Latex Green .


Mattresses and pillows made from Talatech® latex provide the perfect balance of comfort and support so you can enjoy deep, sound sleep night after night. Latex instantaneously conforms to the shape of your body, gently supporting and comforting you all night long, with up to 33% more pressure relief than other foam bedding. So you can awaken refreshed and rejuvenated to meet the challenges of the day—without the tossing and turning, without the pain and stiffness that disrupt a good night's sleep—with restored energy and enthusiasm.The gentle, conforming support of latex foam reduces high pressure areas (shown in red) that shut off capillary blood flow causing a person to toss and turn. This alleviates pressure and helps bring oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, so you awake feeling recharged and renewed.



BioFlex™ Foam is made from SOY BEANS and is a ECO-FRIENDLY FOAM.

BioFlex™ Hybrid Foams will save more than 50,00 barrels of oil per year.














KING SET $1,449.00

QUEEN SET $1,099.00

FULL SET $949.00

TWIN SET $749.00



What is Memory Foam and why is it available in different densities? Memory Foam is an open celled, body heat and body weight sensitive material, which was originally designed to relieve the immense pressure G-force exerts on Astronauts during space flight.

Memory foam sometimes called "Visco elastic "or "slow release foam" was originally developed by scientists in association with the N.A.S.A space project. Scientists were asked to invent material that would absorb the tremendous pressures that astronaut's bodies were subjected to as they exited and re-entered the Earth's atmosphere. The new foam-like material proved to be so successful that its potential was soon recognized by medical science. It is now the most effective substance for relieving pressure points caused by the weight of a human body in its relaxed state.

Subsequently it is now used in hospitals throughout the world to prevent pressure sores, which can easily develop when the body lies still for many hours during an operation. Its unique elastic properties allow it to automatically sense your body weight and temperature, it then responds by molding to your exact shape and position. When you turn in bed it quickly recovers and re-adjusts, providing you with total support throughout the night.

How will Memory Foam Benefit me?

memory-lady Imagine for a moment that you are lying on your bed at home. Now instead of lying directly on your mattress you now have a layer of memory foam beneath you. As you relax you start to feel your body gently sinking into the memory foam. Each individual foam cell immediately starts to respond to your unique shape and body temperature, cradling the natural hollows in your neck, shoulders, back and knees. Feel your joints and muscles become totally relaxed, giving you a wonderful sense of weightlessness as you gently drift off to sleep.

Compare that feeling with the comfort of an ordinary mattress. Whether it is pocket sprung, coil sprung latex or ordinary foam. All these mattresses insist that your body molds to them. They exert upward forces that cause pressure to build up around your hips, shoulders, elbows and knees. This pressure causes deduction in blood supply and inevitable discomfort. The small of your back is left stranded in midair on a firm mattress or bows uncomfortably on a soft mattress. For a back sufferer this will be very uncomfortable indeed. Feelings of discomfort will force you to alter your sleeping position; you may even wake up in the process. Another night's sleep ruined!

Simply because of its ability to absorb pressure, memory foam can significantly reduce the need to turn in bed. If you suffer from back trouble or impaired movement this will really make a huge difference to your quality of sleep.

memory-egg Memory Foam has several unique properties that in combination provide the most comfortable sleeping experience available on the market today! It has a remarkable ability to absorb downward pressure and force.

What Makes Foam have Memory
To give a piece of foam memory, you start with a synthetic polyurethane foam material and add certain types of chemicals which add an increase in weight or density to the foam.  With the addition of these chemicals, a non-toxic, Visco-elastic foam material is created. Visco-elastic can be synonymous with memory foam or some like to refer to this as "Visco elastic memory foam." However, there are many features along the way that will help determine what type of memory foam you end up with.   To understand exactly what differences are found in each final product, you first have to start with understanding how to grade each foam.

How Foam is Graded For a material to be Visco-elastic, it will have to be temperature sensitive and have an ability to rebound fairly quickly and return to its normal shape.  Memory foam is graded by its Visco-elastic nature and its durability by breaking it down into the following grading system:

1. Weight (Density in pounds per square foot): The weight of foam is determined by the amount of chemicals used in the composition of the polyurethane foam.  The more chemicals, the higher the density and the more Visco-elastic it will become.  This density will not determine the hardness of the material; this is done through utilizing the ILD rating structure.  Many memory foam mattresses use a 4 and 5lb. density, but some use as low as 2 and 3lb.densities.

2. ILD Rating (Indentation Load Deflection):    The ILD rating is going to tell you how hard or soft a material is.  The 25% ILD rating is the number of pounds required to achieve a 25% compression of 4" thick foam using a 50 square inch indentation. An Example of this is as follows: 20lb. ILD foam indicates that this material took 20 lbs. of pressure to indent this foam 25%.  Keep in mind that the higher the ILD, the firmer the foam.  This rating is synonymous with the abbreviation IFD (Indentation Force Deflection).  IFD is still in use, even though ILD was created just for the purposes of grading polyurethane foam.  You can assume that a lower ILD for the top layer of your memory foam mattress or bed topper can be a real advantage in pressure point reduction.  However, too soft of an ILD or too thick of a very soft surface layer, especially without enough support underneath, can sometimes be problematic for low back sufferers.  That is why the best memory foam mattresses use a layered effect that properly offers a supple enough surface to disburse pressure points, but gradually firms up in the layers below, with a very resilient support base used in the final layer.

3. Resilience:    These measures the foam's springiness by determining the percent rebound of a steel ball dropped from a height of36". The term "H.R" (high resilient) foam refers to a highly resilient foam that will give a very high "ball rebound" reading.  In general, the higher the resiliency, the better the more durable the foam will be with compression forces.  However, with Visco elastic memory foam, less resilience indicates a better force dampening.  This is due to less rebound pressure fighting the force of your body as it sinks into the mattress.  Very high quality memory foam mattresses combine lower high resilient layer(s) with memory foam on the surface, so you get the pressure point reduction, while retaining the extra support below.

4. Tensile:    This indicates the extent to which foam can be stretched, measured in pounds per square inch, and how much elongation in terms of percent of stretch before rupture.  This value has little relevance to memory foam mattresses because they are not usually stretched, and will become compressed only when slept on.  * It is important to remember that these ratings can vary from each foam batch that is poured and that no mattress company can predict an exact rating on their mattress each time they produce the final product. As an example, 10 ILD rated foam could vary from 8 - 12 ILD each time the foam is poured.

If you are a back sufferer or have a medical condition such as Arthritis it will be well worth purchasing the best mattress that you can afford.

If you are worried about  getting to warm in bed it may be worth considering choosing a mattress that has air flow channels built into the foam to help with ventilation.

Some mattresses are now available with the option of a Bamboo cover. The fabric has been specially engineered to disperse heat and moisture, helping to keep you cool dry and comfortable whilst you sleep so you sleep soundly and wake in the morning feeling rested and refreshed.

Where will Memory Foam benefit me? Memory Foam is endorsed by doctors worldwide -if you think a memory foam mattress or overlay would medically benefit you why not speak to your doctor.

This diagram shows the areas of the body that can be affected by a build up of pressure caused by lying on an unsuitable mattress surface.


1 Head - With the correct support, neck muscles will remain comfortable helping to prevent tension headaches.

2 Shoulders - Proper bed posture can help to avoid the risk of fibrosis's in shoulder muscles

3 Pelvic Area - The support from memory foam gently cradles the pelvic area avoiding aching or pain

4 Calves - By evenly spreading pressure you can prevent circulatory problems which can cause swollen calves and feet.

5 Heels - Memory foam mattresses help to avoid problems of soreness and chaffed skin

6 Hips - Memory foam mattresses reduce the risk of swollen and painful hip joints by reducing interface pressure.

7 Back - Keeping your back properly aligned by correct mattress support can greatly reduce the chance of back pain.







We also do custom work also and Waterbed Drop In's call Cain's for more detail's.

We also have wide range of Bed Frames also.

Eliminate the need for a Frame - Box Spring - Foundation




The Platform Bed Frame is an inexpensive alternative to the traditional box spring or foundation. Place your new mattress directly on this heavy duty frame and experience all night comfort and support. 14" height provides ample room for underbed storage. This frame can stand alone or be used in place of the slats (inside the side rails) of your current bed.

- Portable, compact size makes the frame easy to transport through even the narrowest of spaces, such as stairwells or elevators.

- 14" frame height provides more under bed storage than a standard 6''-8" metal frame.

- Heavy duty construction supports up to 3,500 lbs. and provides sag and squeak free mattress support.

- Easily assembles in minutes with no tools required.

- Fabric free black anodized coated 100% steel construction is free of dust mites and allergens.

- Optional headboard and footboard brackets available

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